Main image of article These Are The Companies Tech Pros Want to Work For
Tech pros want to work for the largest and most recognizable companies on Earth, according to a new study. Hired recently published a survey of tech pros in which each respondent was asked to name the companies they’d most like to work for. Each respondent was asked to give companies on a list a ranking between one and five. As Hired notes: “Companies with a larger number of candidates selecting the top two scores earned a higher ranking, or a higher Brand Positivity Index (BPI)." The company tech pros most want to work for? Netflix reigns supreme with a BPI of 86. This outpaces Google, which sits in the second spot with a BPI of 83. Tesla is third with a score of 73, followed by SpaceX and Airbnb with scores of 72 each. Regionally, things get diverse. Silicon Valley’s top ‘brands’ are Google and Netflix; the ‘brand’ moniker is differentiated by accounting only for responses from tech pros in a given geography. Tech pros in Silicon Valley most want to work for Google and Netflix, which both have a ‘brand’ BPI of 86. Head south to Los Angeles, you’ll find Hulu and SpaceX reign supreme with a BPI of 83. Microsoft leads the charge in Seattle with a BPI of 79. Grubhub dominated Chicago with a score of 70, a full 13 points higher than second-place Groupon. Denver’s Arrow Electronics rules the mile high roost (BPI of 48), while Indeed’s BPI of 80 dominated Austin, Texas. The Washington Post scored a 68 to dominate the D.C. metro area, while Boston-based iRobot leads the cahrge in Beantown. New York City, home to more web developers than it knows what to do with, is unsurprisingly led by Squarespace’s BPI of 72. Still, Silicon Valley dominates the overall list. Seven of the top ten are based there, with Los Angeles and Seattle the only disruptors. Indeed, the West Coast dominates until New York City’s Kickstarter appears in the 17th spot. Seems if you want to be in tech, you’ll need to head west.