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When consultants are asked by an interviewer to describe the types of projects they typically work on, they should make their answer as specific as possible. Don’t just talk about the technologies that were used; instead, go into whether you were brought in to kick off new projects, or if you usually work on improving existing ones. Click here to find consulting positions. Also, explain the purpose or goal of several recent projects, their current use, and how they've impacted the business. Use data that illustrates your success. For example, you could say, “In my most recent project we migrated 5,000 mailboxes. I was responsible for the full architecture and design of 2,500 of them.” Be sure to note the environment and specific technology in use. The details of your past work help employers develop a deeper understanding of your results. Not only does that tell them how well you understand the ways in which all the pieces go together, it helps recruiters market you when the time comes to find your next opportunity. Also, describing previous projects this way proves that you understand the client’s environment.

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