In the first and second portions of your cover letter, you make case for why you're the perfect person to tackle the job. Once you've done that, it's time to seal the deal by asking for an interview. That's what your final paragraph is all about, and it should be straightforward and easy to write.

woman and man in an interviewThe Fourth Paragraph

Your finale is a brief call to action that should include the following elements:
  • A request for the next step, which is probably an interview and an invitation to review your resume and digital portfolio.
  • How to reach you, including the dates you’ll be available if you're from out of town.
  • When and how you'll follow up. Avoid a weak close like, "I hope to hear from you soon." It's important to exude confidence throughout your letter, because no one wants to hire an insecure candidate. Just be sure to mark your calendar and follow through.
  • A proper close. "Sincerely" is usually the best closing salutation, but "Yours sincerely," "Respectfully yours," and "Yours truly" are acceptable as well.
  • Remember to sign your letter, using a digital signature for electronic versions. If you're feeling bold include a postscript. Readers seldom overlook a postscript message, even if they don’t read the entire document.
  • Mention attachments or enclosures, such as your resume, coding samples, reference list or digital portfolio.
Here’s an example of a simple but highly effective call to action: I’d like to meet with you to discuss how I can add value to your firm, as I've done for my previous employer. I’ll call you on Wednesday to arrange a meeting. Should you wish to reach me before then, please call 000-555-1212 or e-mail me at I appreciate your time and consideration. Sincerely, IT Guru P.S. Please check out my post on effective mining techniques: Attachments: IT GuruResume.pdf Portfolio: Profile: By the time you're done, you'll have shown reviewers why you're a strong candidate for the job, and convinced them to take a look at your resume and call you in for an interview.