What happens when you mix Opera with Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Google, HP, Microsoft, Mozilla and Nokia, then sprinkle a dash of of W3C on top? You get WebPlatform.org, a free one-stop-shopping site for information about Web development and standards, and is stewarded by leading tech companies and coordinated by W3C. The site is currently in alpha but already has a wiki, forums, chat and a blog. If you sign up now, you can immediately begin to contribute your expertise to webplatform docs (WPD). If you've ever edited Wikipedia you'll feel right at home. WebPlatform uses MediaWiki software. The task list on the site ranges from simple grammar and spelling correction to  the more difficult merging of duplicate content and more. Forums are similar to StackOverflow's, with a question and answer format and up and down voting. If you're one of those people who loves Web development, wants to give something back and can put time and elbow grease into the project, you can build your online profile and eventually become a site administrator. The payoff is not only a fun challenge, but could also be a nifty addition to your resume.

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