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The only person who likes change is a wet baby, as the saying goes. Change is scary. When an organization finds itself in the grip of a strategic repositioning, or a top-to-bottom restructuring, it tempts all those involved to cling to as much of the past as possible. The past is safe, after all. The problem is that refusing to embrace change, and the ideas that come along with it, can quickly get you sidelined or even fired. If your organization decides to embrace a change in strategy, it’s perfectly fine to talk through (in a reasonable way) any issues you might have with your boss and colleagues; but once the strategy gets rolling, it’s everybody’s responsibility to swim together in the new direction. Similarly, if you’re asked to take on a new and different set of tasks, it will do you no good—in either the short or long term—to continue trying to do your old job, or insist that what you used to do was somehow better for the organization as a whole. Instead, acknowledge that the change is occurring, communicate any concerns to the appropriate people (again, in a reasonable way), practice some stress-busting techniques, and do your best to adapt as quickly as possible to the new situation.

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