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There’s a lot of advice out there about how to keep an effective list of tasks. Some recommend assembling a ‘To Do’ list before bed, the better to get a jump on things the next morning; others advocate the use of mobile apps, in order to collate one’s task list alongside any relevant links, phone numbers, and so on. But one of the simplest ways of maintaining a task list may also prove one of the most potent: start by ordering your tasks according to priority, with urgent ones arranged at the very top. Next, note the deadline for each task—are these things that must be handled today, or can they be left for next week, or even next month? With that list in hand, tackle your tasks in proper order, starting with those most-urgent and tightest-deadline; once those are completed, and longer-term items of importance taken care of, you can mop up the least-urgent items. Use your task list as a way to guide your time.

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