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While most of us would be perfectly fine with sticking to one job, many folks find themselves taking on more of a “hybridized” role at work, often juggling responsibilities that, once upon a time, might have been handled by two (or more) people. We all know the programmer who’s also a manager, or the app developer who doubles as a social-media maven. In startups, this hybridization is particularly acute, with people taking on multiple roles in order to keep the company humming along. While there’s a lot to dislike about hybridized jobs, they do boast one advantage: You learn a variety of skills, whether you want to or not. And when the time inevitably comes for you to jump to a new job, you have an assortment of bullet-points with which to customize your resume. Want to jump into management because the pay is better? Chances are good that you’ll have the background to list relevant accomplishments. Want to expand into something with a non-technical bent? You might have enough experience to move in that direction, too. To find IT management jobs, click here. So if you find yourself working in a hybridized job that’s exhausting, look on the bright side: Thanks to the experience, you have that much more flexibility with regard to whatever you choose to do next.

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