A few weeks ago, I wrote about the explosion of interest in “Draw Something,” the Pictionary-style iPhone/Android app from OMGPop that broke an array of records – fastest to hit number one, most global -- on and on, culminating in a lightning-fast $180 million acquisition from social gaming giant Zynga. It turns out most people like to draw on their smartphones now and then, and it's certainly fun to do a bit of back and forth with friends. But drawing fatigue set in quickly and traffic on the game came back down to Earth almost as fast as it ramped up. I still draw now and then, but this week I shocked my friends and family by deleting Foursquare from my phone. I had a little Foursquare problem you could say. My final stats show I checked in a head-shaking 3,387 times, held 40 mayorships (including the hard-to-hold Sam’s in Tiburon, Calif.) and earned 40 badges. But what was I thinking?? The lesson from this is that many apps are hit-based and often highly faddish. That means if you develop apps for a living you must have your next hit in the wings -- or enjoy that one-hit moment of stardom while you can. You can bet OMGPop is thinking hard about what to launch next. Now that I have my life back, feel free to grab my mayorships. I relinquish all the airline gates and high-traffic restaurants, and look forward to drawing a little picture about it on my phone that I'll send to no one. So, what apps are you tired of? Tell me by posting a comment below.