Main image of article DeLorean Gets Second Chance as an Electric Vehicle

The iconic DeLorean DMC-12, which you might remember from such films as Back to the Future and its two sequels, is getting a second chance at life – this time as an electric vehicle. The original DeLorean was a spectacular failure – it looked good enough, but wasn’t a good enough car. The original rotary engine guzzled gas a little too freely and the V6 that replaced it could only pump out a paltry 130 BHP – probably an inappropriate engine for such an aggressively styled vehicle. It only sold 9,000 vehicles.

The new DeLorean sticks with the iconic design, but the structure has been redesigned by Lotus engineer Colin Chapman. It looks like it will go faster too, thanks to a 200 BHP power plant from electric-car start-up Epic EV. Texas entrepreneur Stephen Wynne, who acquired the DeLorean name back in 1995, hopes to have the redesigned all-electric DMC-12 on the market by 2013. The bad news is you are going to need pretty deep pockets to buy one, since they'll cost around $100,000 apiece.