Returning vets are having a hard time finding work. The U.S. Labor Bureau estimates that there are 248,000 unemployed veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan plus an additional 442,000 recent veterans who have given up and are no longer in the labor force. Worse yet, an estimated one million veterans are expected to join the workforce by 2016 as the wars wind down and soldiers finish their enlistments. It helps that employers are eligible for new federal tax credits for hiring veterans, and many states are instituting similar measures, but why do companies need financial incentives to hire these brave and talented men and women? Most HR professionals complain about a shortage of qualified candidates, yet veterans are proven performers and employers have a chance to reap the benefits of the military’s robust talent development program A recent survey revealed that employers are looking for a disciplined approach, teamwork, respect and integrity, leadership and problem-solving skills when hiring veterans. It seems like most veterans would meet these qualifications, so at the very least, they deserve an interview. If you need a role model, check out what they’re doing at Amazon, which was recently named as the second best run company in America. Or connect with the recruitment staff at one of the companies on the list of military friendly employers, because veterans need jobs now.