Main image of article Dice Tech Job Report: Which Tech Hubs Are Growing?

Which up-and-coming tech hubs are growing the fastest? That’s a key question addressed in the ninth edition of the Dice Tech Job Report, which breaks down tech job data for the second half of 2022.

The bottom line: if you want tech opportunities, you definitely don’t have to move to a well-established tech hub like Silicon Valley, Seattle, or New York City. Across the nation, cities’ tech scenes are expanding at a rapid clip: as of the end of October, 15 of the top 25 cities for total tech job postings showed double digit growth year-over-year, with Phoenix (31.7 percent), San Diego (+29.4 percent), Charlotte (+27.6 percent), Boston (+25.6 percent), Los Angeles (+23.3 percent), Chicago (+21.9 percent) and Tampa (+21 percent) growing more than 20 percent. Houston (+45.6 percent) and Miami (+33.6 percent) led the way with massive year-over-year growth.

Only four cities on the Report’s list showed a year-over-year loss. That’s good news for tech demand, especially when weighed against consistent news of layoffs in Silicon Valley and among “Big Tech” companies like Meta and Twitter.

It’s also worth noting that only three of the top 10 cities in total job postings, San Francisco, New York and Atlanta, lag behind 2019 tech job posting numbers, while all others sit above or well above that level. In addition to the other factors affecting these three locations over the past few years, it’s an indication that tech demand in cities across the country remains healthier than even the recent 2019 high-water mark.

With the headlines so focused on layoffs in the Big Tech and tech startup world throughout this year, it can be easy to forget that, as of the end of October, there were still more than 375,000 tech positions open across the United States. The data in this edition of the Tech Job Report should be encouraging for technology professionals, as there is still no shortage of opportunities for those with tech skills.