The Script I've got good news for all you computer science majors in the class of 2011. Congratulations. I’m Cat Miller and this is DiceTV. Overall, employers plan to hire 19.3 percent more grads this year, and computer science majors are pulling down an average starting salary of $63,000. Focus your search on large and small employers and start-up technology firms, because most mid-size employers are still shedding jobs. Last year's grads faced some pretty stiff competition when they hit the job market, because employers were averaging nearly 40 applications for every job posting. But 2011 grads face better odds, because the average has dropped to just 21 applicants. Of course, we all know tech giants like Google, Facebook and Hewlett Packard are hiring entry level technology professionals, but this year’s graduates have a broader range of choices.  For example, manufacturing is on the rise after the long recession. In fact, auto makers have tapped out the universities in Michigan, so now they’re trying to recruit computer science grads from West Coast schools. Even Union Pacific Railroads plans to hire 20 interns and 40 app developers, while utilities, oil and gas companies, insurance companies, commercial banks and technical consulting firms are actively recruiting interns and entry-level professionals. Graduates who want to "make a difference" will find a wide-open market in non-profit organizations and scattered opportunities in healthcare. This year, only the federal government and retail will hire fewer grads. Top engineering graduates can write their own ticket, but developers of traditional applications, Web sites and mobile apps are also in demand. The hot skills include mobile operating languages as well as C and C++, PHP and Java. So what else do new grads need to vie for a job after graduation? No surprise here: communication chops, problem-solving savvy, and organizational skills. The demand for new grads hasn’t returned to pre-recession levels, but things are definitely looking up for CS majors in the class of 2011. I’m Cat Miller and this has been DiceTV. We now return you to your regular desktop.