Gnomedex 10 launched today in Seattle. For those not familiar with the conference, attendees refer to it as "TED light," because it's about 1/10th the cost, yet still has great inspiring speakers. While this popular tech conference has no pre-planned agenda, by the time Chris Pirillo, the founder, books the events with speakers, a theme emerges. I'm at the conference now. I talked to Pirillo about this year's theme, which Pirillo said is "the power of the individual." We each have the power to do and to create without anybody asking. You just have to do it and technology has become the enabler. Most of the Gnomedex presenters have such a story to tell. They created something without anybody's approval, and gathered interest as a result of it. See more from Gnomedex: Robert Scoble's tips for getting started in social media, and tips for using social media to get your dream job. -- David Spark