At Gnomedex 10 in Seattle, we met up with Robert Scoble, former tech evangelist with Microsoft and now evangelist with Rackspace. After years of blogging and engaging in social media, Scoble has built up his reputation. That's how he's advanced in his career. And while many of us would like to have the success that Scoble has, it's not so easy to copy because it takes years of work.
Still, looking back and seeing how others are succeeding today using social media, I asked Scoble if he were starting with a blank slate, what he would do today? Scoble's answer is you need to specialize. If someone dominates a space that you want to be in, grab a niche of that specific space. For example, Scoble pointed to Nick O'Neill of AllFacebook.comNick wanted to be in the social media space, but he didn't want to compete with Techcrunch or Robert Scoble, who cover everything, so he decided to just focus on Facebook and he's been very successful. Also from Gnomedex: Tips for Using Social Media and Events to Get Your Dream Job
-- David Spark