Main image of article Dissolvable Fruit Labels Relieve Frustration, Help You Wash Fruit
If Scott Amron, an electrical engineer and designer from New York, has his way those little labels they put on fruit may become useful instead of annoying. Amron has created the Fruitwash label – a printable label that dissolves into organic fruit soap and helps remove water-resistant wax, pesticides and fungicides. Amron explains:
I've always been discontent with fruit labels and felt they could do more than just display product info and be difficult to peel off. We buy, wash and eat fruit. So, the wash step was the next thing the label should help with.
When attached, the labels look just like their paper counterparts. Adding water causes them to dissolve into the organic fruit wash. Even if you don't want to wash your fruit, the labels are easy to peel off and throw away. As for the shelf-life of the labels, they're designed to outlast the fruit. If all goes to plan, Amron’s dissolvable labels should hit the market in the next six to nine months.