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If you’re a small business, trying to tackle a payment system can be a monstrous and costly process. The most expensive part: the process of trying to stay compliant because of all the credit card information you’re gathering and storing (a.k.a. PCI compliance). At the SocialDevCamp in Chicago, Peng Ying of Google gave a presentation about how to implement Google In-App Payments on your site or application. Ying presented the following benefits of using Google In-App Payments:
  • Google takes a flat fee of five percent per purchase as opposed to up to 30 percent for other payment services.
  • The service doesn't store credit cards and therefore deal with PCI compliance.
  • Google has millions of buyers. The advantage: These users already have a Google Payments account. They just need to login and click to pay - a more barrier-free process.
  • One account for payments, pay with a few clicks and payment credentials are never shared with the merchant.
Check out Ying’s slide deck as he shows the entire process with all the code and resources necessary to implement Google In-App Payments.