Main image of article Dropbox Offers Free Storage for Beta Testers
DropboxDropbox, a cloud storage service that helps sync files across multiple devices, is offering 5GB worth of free storage for everyone — provided they're willing to be a beta tester for a new experimental feature. The company, which had just won the "Best Overall Startup" at Crunchies Awards, is testing a new feature that automatically imports photos and videos from your camera, smartphone, or SD card to your Dropbox folder. To reward users who're willing to be a beta tester, users will be awarded 500MB for free by importing their first photo or video using the new feature. Thereafter, you'll be rewarded another 500MB for every 500MB worth of photos or videos imported, up to a 4.5GB limit. In other words, you'll receive a total of 5GB free storage (including the initial 500MB) if you max out the imposed limits. Presently, Dropbox is only allocating 2GB storage space for free accounts, while charging $100 per year for 50GB and $200 per year for 100GB. Users who are not willing or cannot afford to pay the recurring fees can expand their storage space for free through Dropbox's referral program and by linking their social network accounts to the service. The startup has raised $250 million in its Series B funding last October, bringing its total capital raised to $257.2 million. Forbes reported that Dropbox's revenue in 2011 could reach $240 million.