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By Jennifer Goforth Gregory Most likely, you’ve uploaded one of the more than 1 billion files shared through Dropbox each day.  Despite those kinds of numbers, Dropbox isn’t content to just be the most used files sharing program around. It wants IT professionals to use Dropbox in a different way – to build applications on top of its data layer platform. Dropbox_Logo1As part of the development of the Dropbox API, the company is holding its first developer conference to educate IT professionals on integrating the platform, and showcase current third-party applications that use it. The conference is Tuesday, July 9th at Fort Mason in San Francisco. Dropbox says this won’t be the typical technology conference where you sign up online, pay money and are guaranteed a spot. It’s an invitation-only conference, so you’ll first need to request an invitation and then pay a $350 registration fee if you get one.  Information about the specific sessions or speakers hasn’t been released yet. To find out more information as it is available, follow @dbx2013 on Twitter. The conference is part of Dropbox’s increased focus on creating tools and support for third-party developers. Dropbox’s release of the new Admin Console for DropBox for Teams increased the ease of business use for Dropbox by providing better control and visibility for managers. It also opened up more integration potential for B2B Web applications and services. Last November, Dropbox released the Dropbox Chooser, which lets developers integrate files into Web applications with a few lines of JavaScript. The Core API provides the functionality for leveraging basic Dropbox features while the Sync API released in February allows for greater cloud-based integration. Dropbox also maintains a blog, forum and email support geared toward helping developers successfully use the platform.