It's been a busy week for 505 Games. So busy that some of its booth staffed looked dazed at the end of E3's Day 1. The Los Angeles-based company's showcasing seven games here, including three exclusive to the Xbox Kinect. The Kinect titles are Michael Phelps: Push the Limit, which puts you in the swimming pool for Olympic-style competition. The shooter Blackwater lets you control the game from either traditional controllers or Kinect. And Grease lets you channel your inner John Travolta to dance and sing in the '50s style. Titles for other platforms include martial arts game Supremacy MMA. WRECKED, Revenge Revisited, is a follow up to the Xbox game MASHED. You play it to get into car-based combat (some would say that's normal in LA). There's also the footballer Breakbacker Vengeance and Rugby World Cup 2011. 505 is nothing if not aggressive, and its products are gathering interest for a variety reasons. Team Xbox calls Supremacy MMA "the most brutal knockout system in MMA gaming history." That says a lot. Kotaku Australia says Blackwater is "surprisingly competent" though it's bound to be controversial: It was developed with the help of former mercenaries and Erik Prince, the founder and former head of the notorious security firm (now renamed Xe). As for WRECKED, you can see its trailer here. It's launching this summer.

505 Games Supremacy MMA

Source: 505 Games