Main image of article EA Plans Up To 1,000 Layoffs
Game publisher Electronic Arts will soon lay off between 500 and 1,000 people, possibly as early as this week. Last week, the company denied it planned layoffs, and even now it's spinning any reductions as more of a restucturing than a downsizing. In a statement, the company said:
"EA is growing and looking to hire hundreds of people for our digital, console, mobile and social games. Like all game companies, we make occasional adjustments to resize teams as projects are completed and new priorities are established. Overall, we expect that headcount will be up at the end of this year."
To MCV, EA said it didn't plan layoffs "as such." Gaming Blend called these "kinda" denials. Derek Andersen at StartupGrind first reported the story this morning. He notes that 2012 hasn't been the best of years for EA: Its Star Wars: The Old Republic missed its targets despite an extravagant marketing campaign. Its acquisition of Popcap was expensive, its CFO left, and -- adding insult to injury -- it was it was named the worst company in America by Not a real attractive environment to lure designers and developers into. EA says it will add to headcount this year? Would you go to work there? Tell us by posting your comment below.