Dice is experimenting with a new idea: content embedding, a way to let content loose in the same way that YouTube liberated the video to go viral. Last week, we made it easier than ever for you to use Dice content to build the audience on your own blog.  The embedded content includes photos, bylines, our logo, everything needed to make content sharing easy…and legal. The way we’ve made it easier is by adding to every Dice story that appears on this month and beyond. You’ll notice this button in each story, in the upper righthand corner of the page. lets you publish one of our stories with three clicks. Simply click the button at the top of each post, click to copy the code and then paste it onto your own site. That's it. The story appears fully formatted, automatically. And embedding the content will not affect your SEO ranking on Google. Here's an FAQ from on the topic:

Will syndication through Repost.Us impact my search rank?

Because content syndicated through Repost.Us is dynamically loaded into the reader’s browser from your website, it never actually appears on the syndication site, so there is no duplicate content penalty. Search engines will detect content syndicated through Repost.Us as a link back to the original publisher, which may improve your search rank.
Here on Dice, we post 30 stories a week with career advice, hiring and layoff news, tips on coding or guidance for development team leaders, as well as items on new gadgets, games, and other corners of the geek lifestyle. For you, the result is great content for your blog, with a minimum of work. You can use it to supplement your original posts or kick off a discussion of your own. Social media is all about sharing information, whether it's news about your kid's high school graduation or job and other news from the world of IT. The people who gather the biggest following are those who develop the most dynamic, useful stream of information. The better your content, and the more often you add to it, the higher your visibility is going to be. Try it out, and let me know what you think by posting a comment below.