EMC has announced a partnership with Alpine Data Labs that will see the latter’s predictive-analytics application integrated with EMC’s Greenplum analytics platform. On a more granular level, that means EMC will resell Alpine Data Labs’ Alpine Miner and Alpine Illuminator integrated into EMC Greenplum Database, EMC Greenplum Chorus, EMC Greenplum HD, and the EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance (DCA). EMC is touting that combination as the best of Alpine Labs’ predictive analytics merged with the power and scalability of its Greenplum subsidiary’s analytics software. That means, for example, that users will be able to analyze Greenplum Chorus datasets using predictive models and workflows, without needing to export those datasets to another platform. That translates into less data movement and necessary IT infrastructure, which can save time and costs. “Combined, Alpine Data Labs and Greenplum become the source not only of data but also of insight,” Tom Ryan, president and CEO of Alpine Data Labs, wrote in a Sept. 6 statement. “With the Greenplum engine powering Alpine's accessible user interface, we've made it easier for data scientists, engineers, business analysts, and executives to gain deeper, faster insights from their data, generated by sophisticated predictive analytics and data mining.” EMC has partnered with a number of other companies on enhanced analytics capabilities for its Greenplum division. In July, EMC and Attunity announced an alliance on a data-replication solution for the Greenplum Unified Analytics Platform, with the combined solution allowing companies to mine data in a timelier manner. Attunity’s Replicate software allows for more efficient data-loading into data warehouses, as well as lower downtime associated with migrations and upgrades, among other features. Over the summer, rumors also persisted that EMC would spin off elements from VMware, Project Rubicon (an Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform) and Greenplum into a separate company. However, those rumors eventually came to naught; and given the increasing popularity of analytics on both the enterprise and midsize-business level, it seems logical that EMC would keep its Greenplum division intact.   Image: alexskopje/Shutterstock.com