Main image of article Facebook Expands Its Office in Seattle
FacebookFacebook's Seattle office has moved to a new space to accommodate its 90 engineers and allow for more hires. The company opened the office in 2010 in order to broaden its resource pool beyond Silicon Valley.  Ari Steinberg, the company's Seattle site director, says the company's engineering community and proximity to California were the region's biggest attractions. "This office is here because of the endless resolve and hard work of more people than I can even name," he says in a blog post. "But primarily, Facebook Seattle has succeeded because of the area’s incredible engineering talent and culture of innovation. " In terms of the work the team does and what new hires can expect:
Seattle isn’t all that different from our new offices in Menlo Park. We hold hackathons every couple of months. New hires still participate in Bootcamp, a six-week training program that is a deep dive on our code base and culture. After Bootcamp, engineers in Seattle can join an existing team or start their own. People aren’t restricted in what they can work on from Seattle, so many people choose to work on projects that are divided between California and Seattle. But we also have lots of homegrown projects that are entirely based in Seattle. Either way, people’s ability to make an impact at this company is almost limitless.
If you're curious about what the space looks like, GeekWire has pictures and video here. People from Seattle: Is the tech scene there as great as Facebook says it is? Tell us by posting a comment below.