What’s the best U.S. city for women in tech? According to personal-finance site SmartAsset, which pulled the data from the U.S. Census, the answer is… Washington D.C., thanks to a combination of relatively high salaries, healthy job growth, and large number of women already involved in the tech community. “Women in Washington make up over 37 [percent] of the tech workforce, higher than in any other city we examined,” SmartAsset wrote in its blog. “This is probably due in part to the hiring policies of the federal government, most likely the largest tech employer in the city.” (Tip of the hat to the Washington Post for the original link.) Check out the latest technology jobs. Other highly-ranked cities included Kansas City, Mo., Fremont, Calif., Houston, Texas, New York City, and Tucson, Ariz. In an interesting twist, Fremont was the only West Coast city on SmartAsset’s index. “While the Bay Area is typically thought of as the tech capital of the world, it boasts only one of the top ten cities for women in tech,” the blog added. “San Francisco, where women account for just 21 [percent] of the tech workforce, came in 23rd.” SmartAsset compiled its index by measuring and weighing four factors: tech jobs filled by women (30 percent weight), income after housing cost (20 percent weight), three year employment growth (20 percent weight), and gender pay gap (30 percent weight). That math disfavors tech hubs such as San Francisco and New York City, where tech workers might earn higher salaries than in other cities, but spend a larger percentage of it on housing; it also helps smaller communities such as Charlotte, N.C., and Tucson, which marry a cheaper cost of living with rapidly expanding tech communities.

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