Main image of article New York City Launches Digital.NYC for Tech Pros
If you’re a tech pro based in New York, it might be worth taking a look at the new Digital.NYC hub launched by the city government. The website is a database of startups, investors, jobs, and upcoming events—many of which are discoverable via an interactive map of the city. For most tech pros, the area of most interest is probably the Resources section, which includes everything from business-planning guides to volunteering opportunities. Click here to find tech jobs in the New York City area. Under former mayor Mike Bloomberg, the New York City government expended considerable resources to cultivate “Silicon Alley,” the East Coast answer to Silicon Valley. “I believe that more and more Stanford graduates will find themselves moving to Silicon Alley,” Bloomberg told a graduating class at that university in 2013, “not only because we’re the hottest new tech scene in the country, but also because there’s more to do on a Friday night than go to the Pizza Hut in Sunnyvale.” While many startups have moved into the city over the past several years—Digital.NYC lists more than 5,600 of them—many well-established tech firms also use the metropolis as a base of operations. Google and Facebook boast major footprints, as do Twitter and eBay. Presumably, they’re all there for more than the restaurant options; given the city’s position as a nexus of other industries (and thus potential clients), as well as its extensive communications and transportation infrastructure, a tech company has all it needs to grow in one place.

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But New York—along with California—faces some serious challenges on the tech-hiring front. States from Texas and North Carolina to Oregon and Florida are all encouraging tech firms to set up shot within their respective borders, usually through a combination of tax breaks and other perks. New York City has managed to attract quite an amount of buzz for its tech scene, but it still faces a fight to draw new firms.

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