Fraunhofer IIS Full HD VoiceFraunhofer IIS will bring Full-HD voice calls over LTE networks. The official announcement will be made at Mobile World Congress 2012, which kicks off at the end of this week at Barcelona. Using an advanced version of the AAC-ELD codec, Fraunhofer provides a "CD-like audio quality for telephone calls from any audio source, including speech in all its variations, singing, music and ambient sounds." This codec supports full audio bandwidth up to 20 kHz and low coding delay down to 15 ms. Currently, the phone calls are limited to use 3.5 kHz, with some companies offering phone services where audio frequency reaches 7 kHz (something close to HD voice). AAC-ELD codec has the ability to transmit music and other audio signals with a sound quality we were used to experience on HDTV and Blu-Ray. And this is without increasing the bit-rates in comparison to today’s phone services. Visiting, you'll have the chance to see how this sounds compared to the actual technology. After experiencing it, I have to say Full-HD voice calls are quite outstanding. To test live this new technology, visit the Fraunhofer stand at MWC 2012. To demonstrate it, they are using Android mobile phones with Full-HD voice codec AAC-ELD integrated and an LTE network.