Main image of article Microsoft: Free Windows Phone for Android Users With Worst Malware Story
Hungry evil Android Android and Apple fanboys will almost never fail to engage in a flame war whenever stories about the pros or cons of either platform surfaces on news outlets and blogs. Just recently, there were reports about malware-infested apps making their way into the official Android Market. These apps, uploaded by a publisher by the name of Logastrod, were disguised as popular mobile games, such as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, and had attracted more than 10,000 downloads before they were removed. Apple fanboys were quick to sing the praises of the walled garden of the iTunes App Store (which isn't without its faults), while Android fanboys defended themselves with the usual open vs. close talking points. Well, Windows Phone 7 would also like some attention, and Microsoft wouldn't mind giving away a few devices to get people talking. Ben Rudolph, Microsoft's Windows Phone evangelist, has offered free Windows Phones to the five Android users who have the worst stories about malware on their mobile devices. Rudolph isn't specifying the make and model of the free devices.!/BenThePCGuy/statuses/146358093591220224 While some people may despise Microsoft for capitalizing on Android's troubles for its own marketing gain, the giveaway has no doubt attracted more victims to talk about their experiences. You can check them all out on Twitter with the hashtag #droidrage. Photo credit: Aidan