Main image of article FridgePad, PadTab Keep iPads Safe When You're Cooking - Or Trying To
You may think the iPad is the greatest thing since sliced bread.Try using it in the kitchen, though. A spill of hot chili can do a lot of damage.  There's a solution, though: An iPad mounting device like the Fridgepad or PadTab. The Fridgepad is a big magnet that holds your iPad on your refrigerator (unless you have a stainless steel fridge or curved door). The PadTab is a two-piece mounting system that attaches to your iPad and hooks onto a wall mount. The Fridgepad’s main selling point is that it can be used for recipes while cooking, which seems pretty helpful when your cooking involves sauce flying around. There are a lot of possibilities with it perched above the kitchen mayhem: recipes, radio, TV, audiobooks, checking e-mail and maybe even a how-to guide for those of us who are kitchen despite our culinary challenges. Fridgepad says its magnet is 25 times more powerful than it needs to be, allowing you to slam the door without fear. It has four plastic clips for the corners that hold your iPad snug. It comes in black or silver and sells for $50. The PadTab lets you hang your iPad on any wall, as long as you don’t mind placing a wall mount somewhere. For $20, it comes with a mounting plate, two wall mounts and adhesive. Extra wall mounts go for $9.99 each. Either way, you’re certain to avoid accidentally using your iPad as a cutting board or a trivet. Don't laugh. You know how people can get in the kitchen. Thanks, ThinkGeek