Happy Group

If thinking of IBM brings to mind the old "I’ve Been Moved" stereotype, check in with them today. Today’s Big Blue is a casual dress workplace where 40 percent of 400,000 workers are telecommuters and 65 percent work in foreign countries. And surprisingly, about half employees have less than five years’ tenure.

To keep up morale and boost productivity and loyalty among its culturally diverse workforce, IBM is doing four things, says Harvard Business Review blogger Cathy N. Davidson:
First, it emphasizes equitable benefits for all, in all countries, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual preference... Second, the annual Global Pulse Survey gathers feedback from over 40% of the IBM workforce each year, on both workplace conditions and issues and on the community conditions in which IBM workers live.... Third, employees, not just executives, are eligible for a performance-based bonus program.... Fourth, and perhaps most indicative of the depths of the change at IBM, training has taken on paramount importance. The company invests approximately $1700 per IBM employee to train people to new skill areas needed by the company, including interactive and interpersonal skills.
Sounds to me like IBM is making a good case to change its nickname to “I’ve Been Motivated.” Source: HBR Blog Network