Main image of article Galaxy Nexus Smartphone Meant to Feint Patents

Not a long time ago, a patent fairytale started, with Apple's iOS on one side and Google's Android on the other. Nobody knows who the winner will be, but few argue anymore that the patent system is broken. In Germany and Australia, Apple won one skirmish. As as result, Samsung can't sell its Galaxy Tab -- the court agreed with Apple the device copies many aspects of the iPad. The battle continues every day but now, with the Galaxy Nexus Smartphone announced, Samsung Mobile President Shin Jong-kyun claims the company won't infringe any patents.
Now we will avoid everything we can and take patents very seriously.
His statement was made a short time after he and Andy Rubin showed the world the next Samsung-Google Smartphone and Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Though Samsung's chief isn't 100 percent sure his company won't find itself in another battle with Apple, he knows that the lawsuits last "a considerable time" and the companies" are losing the pride of their brand".
We will see if (the Galaxy Nexus) will be 100 percent free. I think it is just a start and (the lawsuits) will last for a considerable time. I don't think there is much gain (from lawsuits against Apple). What we are losing is the pride in our brand. (I realized that) having technological power and being business savvy aren't enough.
The long lawsuits have now reached 30 cases in 10 countries across Europe, Asia and the U.S. In the most recent, Samsung tried to ban the sale of the  iPhone 4S, claiming it infringed on two of the company's patents related to wireless telecommunications technology. The most interesting thing is that Samsung is still one of Apple's key suppliers of components. Further, the next A6-quad core processor will be made by Samsung Electronics.
Samsung Electronics will apply its advanced 28-nanometer processing technology to produce qualified A6 mobile APs. TSMC will provide customized chips with designs from Apple, however, the volume will be very small.