Main image of article Game Companies Hire; More Layoffs at Boeing

Our weekly snapshot of who’s hiring and who’s firing across the IT landscape.


Game company Kabam is reportedly seeking to hire as many as 200 employees by the end of the year, while ironically instituting a small round of layoffs. The cutbacks are a result of the company’s move toward mobile games development, an area into which other industry titans are shifting. [PocketGamer] MMORPG game creator Turbine is hiring for nearly a dozen positions in its engineering group. The company is looking for several senior software engineers to work on its game engine and tools, as well as to help develop Infinite Crisis. [Dice News]


Microsoft is reportedly cueing up to announce a major restructuring tomorrow, but details are scant on whether it will translate into layoffs. The reorganization may focus on services, software and devices and align them into consumer or enterprise camps. [AllThingsD] Boeing handed out an additional 266 pink slips, bumping up the number of layoff notices in the greater Seattle area to 1,500. Overall, the aircraft company is planning to cut as many as 1,700 technical workers and engineers by year’s end. [The News Tribune] IBM cut more than 300 workers from its payroll in Vermont as part of a $1 billion restructuring.  The layoffs are only a portion of the sizable number of job cuts IBM has initiated in North America over the past month. As of mid-June, the number of affected employees was estimated to be 2,200. [San Francisco Chronicle] TaskRabbit, a service company that runs errands and handles temporary projects, is instituting layoffs as it focuses on mobile development. The company reportedly cut about 13 people, 20 percent of its workforce, to concentrate on mobile, business services and its marketplace operations. [TechCrunch] SolarWorld Industries America issued pink slips to 100 workers at its Hillsboro, Ore., facility. The layoffs will take effect toward the end of August. The cuts represent approximately 14 percent of the total Hillsboro headcount for the struggling solar panel maker. Is there hiring or firing going on at your company? Email what you know — in confidence, of course — to tips @ (And remember, you probably don’t want to send from your company email address.)