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Roll of DollarsGot a brilliant idea for a Web or mobile game, but lack the finances? There are several multimillion-dollar funds out there that could speed you on your way. If you get an offer, make sure you have a lawyer read the small print and explain exactly what you will be signing away. Nobody gives away money for nothing but there can be deals that benefit both parties. Here are a couple of funds worth checking out:
  • Mochimedia with Shanda Games have a $10 million fund to assist Flash developers in launching and building new games; in their words "rock star premium games" that use the Mochi platform. They provide sponsorship or licensing from $1,000 up. It's not limited to developers in the United States but it must be Flash and use the Mochi Platform. Find out more at Mochi Game Developer fund.
  • There's a $10 million fund from and (developer of the hit game Ravenwood Fair) for innovative social and mobile games. They have a collection of games played by more 30 million players. Apply to the 6l Fund.
When I started in the games business (1984), I was funded through a British government initiative to the tune of £40 per week for a year. It wasn't a lot to live on, but as I was living at home, it helped get that business up and running and while there I wrote and converted seven computer games.