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[youtube] When I talk to developers, they go on and on about how Github is one of the most amazing resources for coding. The website,, is a collaborative space for all developers to search for code, refine code, copy code, and share code. The site allows for complete social coding with source code hosting, issue tracking, and documentation, says Danish Khan of Github. At VMworld 2012, Khan talked with us about the virtual enterprise edition of Github, a packaged version of as a virtual appliance that can be hosted in a private environment within your enterprise. It's been on the market for nearly a year and released a new version earlier this month, GitHub Enterprise version 11.10.281. Everything you can do on you can do in your private enterprise. See projects you’re working on, what others are working on, review code, comment, and refine code. If your contributed code is the best solution, then there’s an easy way to merge that code into the master project, says Khan.