Main image of article This GitHub Repo Tracks Free CS Video Courses
Learning Computer Science principles such as machine learning and data structures is often necessary, but finding resources can be tricky. Fortunately, there’s a helpful GitHub repo that's gathered some of the best videos into one handy list. The aptly named ‘Computer Science Video Courses’ repo is pretty easy to figure out from the title alone. And once you start digging around, you’ll find that it’s got a deep list of videos for just about every Computer Science topic you’ll probably need. The scope spans from introductory courses to higher-level topics such as Theoretical Computer Science and Security. There’s even an entire section on Human-Computer Interaction; it only has three videos, but we expect this to be rounded out as time wears on and our A.I. overlords gain power. Speaking of which – there are also sections on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. github It won’t direct you to resources for everything related to computer science or software development (that’s Google’s job), but the repo does have a nice overview of important areas of interest. It sources videos from some good places, too, including MIT, Harvard and UC Berkley; even non-traditional learning portals such as Udacity appear, as well. Luckily, the videos aren’t one-off lessons. Each relates to a lesson plan made available to the public, often via YouTube. Machine Learning, the largest section, breaks into sub-sections for topics such as language processing and data mining. There’s also a ‘miscellaneous’ category, where you’ll find game development tucked away. It feels like that should be its own meta-topic, but it’s nonetheless relegated to a footnote alongside computational finance and computational biology. And because the whole thing is open source, it can only get better as people suggest new courses and topics. While it won’t give you everything you need, this is still a repo worth keeping tabs on, or revisiting when you need to pick up a new skill.