Main image of article Gmail iOS App: Sorry, We Messed Up
Google yesterday released a native Gmail app for both the iPhone and iPad, but removed it from the App Store within hours. Apple, known for exerting its iron fist when it comes to applications approval, isn't to be blamed this time around.

The app was pulled by Google itself, because it was clunky at best according to users who managed to download it within the few hours it was available. They were greeted by an error message when the app was launched, caused by a bug with push notification.

Google did not hesitate to admit its mistake:
The iOS app we launched today contained a bug with notifications. We have pulled the app to fix the problem. Sorry we messed up.
Although the native Gmail app has quite a number of improvements when compared to its mobile Web-based client, push notification tops the wish list of mobile Gmail users. Before this release, users had to decide whether to use the iOS e-mail app or the web-based Gmail. The former, when configured correctly, has a fully functional push notification for new messages, but misses out on features unique to Gmail. The latter has all the features Gmail users love, but obviously lacks notification, which is a big letdown. Right now, a revised version of the app is still missing in action. You can head over to Gmail's blog to learn more.