Google +1 ButtonGoogle has not given up its attempt to find a way to ravage the social media world. Over the last few months it's sought to outdate Facebook and Twitter with no success. So now, its created +1. This feature involves a button that allows you to suggest websites to your friends. This means that sites can now add the button to their pages so people can recommend them. Best Buy and The Washington Post are among the first sites that will feature the button. Word of +1 first leaked back in December of 2010. First the button was called Google Me, then Emerald Sea, and finally Google +1. Google wants to push users to recommend any type of site they can think of, from celebrity gossip or fashion to movie trailers. They'll be shared among contacts and friends. When the people in your circle search using Google, they'll see where you've clicked +1. Basically, it's an attempt to take on Facebook's famous Like button. The ace up Google’s sleeve is the interest that site owners may have. Since the button can lead to more traffic, and more traffic leads to better search results, the attraction is obvious. It's also obvious that the Internet has gone through a metamorphosis because of social media. In general, more people are spending more hours online, especially on sites like Facebook. Google considers itself to be a lot more than a search engine, but has yet to gain a real foothold in social networking. Maybe, just maybe, +1 will get Google into the game. Source: CNET