Main image of article A Yahoo Trolls for Google Alumni

It’s no surprise that Yahoo would want to mine Marissa Mayer’s old stomping grounds for new talent. At least one of its employees is doing just that, somewhat brashly, according to Re/code. A Yahoo employee posted a cattle call for Java FE, BE and C++ experts on Xoogler, a group for Google corporate alumni. When you think about it, it's a smart move: Go after your competitors' former engineering talent if you can’t get enough of its current employees. Xoogler is comprised of former Googlers ranging from sales engineering and operations folks to senior software engineering managers. Non-technology types also belong, from strategic business development staffers to business marketing managers. Google isn't the only brand name that has an alumni group, whether sanctioned by the company or not. Others include the Intel Alumni Network, the the Greater IBM Connection and Amazon Alumni. What's tough to call is whether members will respond favorably to such shotgun approaches within their group, even if the poster is a former employee themselves.