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Google, Facebook, Adobe, Qualcomm, Apple, and LinkedIn are the tech companies topping Glassdoor’s list of the best places to work in 2015. Glassdoor based its rankings on employee evaluations. Google came in first thanks to its combination of fun (but intense) working environment, great perks, and a sense of overarching mission that motivates employees. Facebook came in 13th, followed by Qualcomm at 14th, Adobe at 18th, Apple at 22nd, and LinkedIn at 23rd. Employee reviews for all these firms focus on the benefits, culture, and the sense that the work being done will have a noticeable, if not seismic effect on the world at large. Those rankings are really no surprise, considering how many of the same tech companies seem to pop up on Glassdoor’s list every year. The competition for top talent has led some of the richest tech companies to offer an ever-growing array of perks; Google, for example, now pays for DNA tests for employees (and employees’ relatives) who suffer from cancer. But many of these companies that offer the most perks are also the most mature, in terms of corporate life cycles, which means they must compete against startups that, while perhaps not as loaded in the benefits department, certainly dangle the prospect of enormous riches via equity.

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