Main image of article Google, Facebook, Amazon Contemplate Blackout To Protest SOPA
Lightbulb SOPA is being opposed by a number of companies and individuals for obvious reasons. Large internet businesses like Google, Facebook, Twitter, eBay and Mozilla openly oppose the bill, while savvy Internet users have done all they can to stop it, including calling their congressmen and boycotting those that support it. GoDaddy, for example, reversed its initial stance from "support" to "oppose" after its customers, including Wikipedia, moved their domain names elsewhere in protest. But the battle is far from over. These protests are nothing compared to the amount of money Hollywood has spent on lobbyists to support the bill. Now Google, Facebook, Amazon and others plan to step up their game by blacking out their websites in a move to publicize the dangers of SOPA and educate users about how they can help stop it. "There have been some serious discussions about that," says Marham Erickson of NetCoalition, a body representing the companies and other SOPA opponents. The blackout could come as early as January 24, according to Daily Mail. Photo credit: Dustin Phillips