Google is introducing an upgraded analytics package for Website owners who work with APIs or use Google Analytics Premium. The new Universal Analytics platform includes a variety of new tools, such as the ability to measure consumers accessing a Website via multiple devices. Right now, Universal Analytics is available in limited beta; those interested in access can request it from this Google Website. “Measurement today is evolving from technology that counts site traffic into a broader system that measures your effectiveness in advertising, sales, product usage, support, and retention,” read an Oct. 29 posting on the Google Analytics blog. “Ultimately, this sort of integrated measurement can help you deliver the best service, products, and experiences for your customers.” Universal Analytics tools are accessible via Google’s new Measurement Protocol, an API that lets Website owners send data to Google Analytics. They include the integration of Mobile App Analytics (introduced at this year’s Google I/O as a beta) into the user’s Google Analytics account—giving a better view of how viewers on mobile devices interact with a Website—and the ability to sync data from various marketing channels. Universal Analytics also offers the aforementioned ability to see how users on multiple devices (including phones, tablets, and PCs) are interacting with a Website and company. “Not every campaign (or app, or website!) is the same, and sometimes, depending on your business and goals, you want to learn more about a particular aspect of the way visitors interact with your business,” the blog posting continued. “With Universal Analytics, you can integrate your own data and can customize the metrics that matter to you—beyond website visits.” Back in July, Google completely abandoned the old version of Google Analytics in favor of a new version with boosted features such as Real-Time, which offers a view of the immediate impact of online campaigns, and Social Reports, which lets users gauge the performance of social-marketing initiatives. Although Google remains a preferred vendor for many companies looking to mine Website analytics, it faces a significant rise in rival tools. In addition, other IT vendors are developing ever-more-sophisticated tools for social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Tumblr.   Image: Google