Google And MotorolaGoogle is rumored to be working on a branded entertainment system that is able to stream music throughout a home. While the Internet is never short of technology rumors, this comes shortly after Google’s Motorola Mobility acquisition, and claims published in The Wall Street Journal tend to carry a little weight. So this rumor might actually hold a little water. The device is “a home-entertainment system that streams music wirelessly throughout the home and would be marketed under the company’s own brand," said The Wall Street Journal. Ryan Lawler at GigaOm rightly points out that the device sounds a lot like the products that Sonos already has on the market. It is possible that Google simply plans to release something similar to Sonos’ Play systems, or--given that it comes out of the company’s Android division--it might be that the company plans to use it to stream other types of content (video?) as well. They are up against some stiff competition--but in terms of rounding out Android’s entertainment capabilities, a streaming device that wirelessly connects a phone to their music system would seem to be a smart move.