Main image of article Google's New App Agency Certification
shutterstock_220531189 Are you part of an agency that builds and tests Android apps? Google just introduced a certification that may apply to your shop. In order to become a Google Developers Certified Agency, agencies must demonstrate a history of building high-quality Android apps. The form for certification asks lead developers to list (among other things) the size of their team, their training history, and much more. What's in it for companies that meet the requirements for certification? In theory, the Google Developers Certified Agency program will empower smaller developer firms to build better apps for the Android platform. “The Agency Program hopes that [certification] would make it easier for clients who’re looking to hire an agency to make an informed decision while also pushing the entire development ecosystem to improve,” read Google’s official blog posting on the matter. Google will give members of the Google Developers Agency Program (through which the certification is offered) access to new products and APIs, as well as training and other perks. Those early-access programs could prove interesting to many developers (if only for the bragging rights), but the true benefit for may come from the 1:1 support and UX reviews. The current list of certified agencies is available on Google’s Developers Website. Google recently released Android N, the latest version of its mobile OS. New enhancements for developers include multi-window support, more notification options, number blocking, and work-centric administration features such as “Always on VPN” and dedicated work mode. (Plus there are new emojis, because some people evidently can’t get enough of those things.)