Google has updated its Google Search Appliance, which hunts through companies’ in-house databases for relevant information. Google claims the Appliance leverages its years’ worth of work with search algorithms. The latest iteration extends the search capabilities beyond in-house data, incorporating everything from the Web to cloud-computing applications. “Ten years ago, Google introduced a bright yellow ‘Google in a box’ for enterprises, giving them one simple way to search all content within their organization,” read an Oct. 9 posting on the Official Google Enterprise Blog. “Today we are adding new capabilities for Google Search Appliance customers. GSA 7.0 delivers a universal, powerfully relevant, yet simple and familiar search experience to your users.” GSA 7.0 lets administrators search for content on cloud services, the public Web, social-networking sites, secure storage, and SharePoint 2010. Other features include document preview, Google Translate (which supports more than 60 languages), and a streamlined interface. It also offers updated language capabilities—not to be confused with Google Translate—which parses the underlying morphology of languages such as Arabic and Japanese to improve results. Based on Google’s description of the Appliance’s SharePoint 2010 functionality, it seems that SharePoint/Appliance users will have the ability to search for in-house experts using SharePoint user files, as well as tap into Google-centric features such as query suggestion and results clustering. Given the vicious competition between Google and Microsoft in a number of areas, it’s interesting that Google would boost the Appliance’s functionality to cover one of Microsoft’s premiere products, although SharePoint adoption may have reached the point where to exclude it would appear a major oversight. “With GSA 7.0, we’ve refined our relevance signals so that the most useful information for each particular user is always easy to find,” the blog posting added. “Assisted navigation makes it easy to refine search results, and requires no manual configuration from administrators.” On top of that, Google’s Entity Recognition suggests content for possible search. GSA 7.0 apparently has scale, with Google claiming that a “single rack of GSAs could now fit the equivalent of the entire index in 2000,” which is 1 billion pages. The new version will be available Oct. 16.   Image: Google