Main image of article Google TV Goes Social
Google TV announced an update to the social app dubbed Social GTV.  The newly updated Android app for Google TV offers a customizable overlay of related Tweets in real-time on any channel during any show or event. You can choose the position, display frequency, hashtags, Twitter handles, keywords, and trends.  Social GTV works with live tv and Google TV content. This is far better option for watching live-Tweets than what TV networks currently provide during popular shows.  Now, your viewing experience can include any hashtag you like regardless of a show's "official hashtag" in the lower left corner of the screen.  Below is a video of a previous version of Social GTV. [youtube] I'm not a football fan myself and I don't own a Google TV device so I haven't had a chance to tryout the latest version of this seriously social app.  Did you get a chance to use it over the  weekend and during the Super Bowl and subsequent series debuts (like The Voice)? I wonder how well NBC (and other major networks) will like social integrations such as Social GTV.  NBC has developed their own brand of in-the-moment social connectivity for iOS devices called NBC Live.  It gives users the ability to interact within the app and walled garden of NBC as well as Twitter and Facebook.  Despite the lack of first screen viewing, the app takes advantage of the many screen viewing habits of modern television watchers.  Unlike Social GTV it offers a way to interact with ongoing social updates. More social features are planned for the Social GTV app, perhaps further interaction options are part of its future.