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Techonomics - June 2012 Jobs Report Management and technical consulting jobs posted 2013’s largest year-over-year gain in June, rising 6.1 percent to 1,187,400 jobs, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. During earlier months, the annual gain remained in the 5 percent range. Consulting jobs are gaining strength in part because companies remain tentative in hiring full-time workers. That may not change for a while. Besides the slow economic expansion, businesses are nervous about the impact of federal sequestration. Meanwhile, the computer systems design and services sector showed strong year-on-year growth during June, with the number of jobs rising 4.7 percent. Driving the growth is demand for open cloud and Big Data solutions, particularly for Linux administrators. The telecommunications sector remained flat, which could actually be a promising sign following a string of year-on-year declines. The area’s growth has been bolstered as carriers expand their footprints and bulk up their infrastructures to meet increasing demand for data. Overall, technology jobs held their own. Their annual growth rate has stood at 2.6 percent for the past three months, with the number of jobs growing to 14.4 million in June.