Main image of article Harley-Davidson Cuts IT Staff; Shifts Some to Infosys
Harley-Davidson Factory SignHarley-Davidson is cutting 125 IT positions as part of a restructuring, though those impacted can apply for other jobs within the company, or with outsourcer Infosys. The iconic motorcycle maker just signed a five-year deal with Infosys that includes applications management, infrastructure support and hosting services. It reportedly insisted that Infosys set up shop in Milwaukee -- where Harley-Davidson is based -- if it wanted the contract. The facility will be Infosys' 18th tech center in the United States. The company has pledged to hire nearly 2,000 people in the United States this year. Initially, the Infosys center will employ 125 people, 71 related to Harley-Davidson work. It will house a training center and provide consulting and system-integration services to the company's clients in the Midwest. “Given the rapidly changing IT landscape, a strategy partner can more effectively provide technology-related services in many areas, including data network engineering and data center operations,” Harley-Davidson VP and CIO David Cotteleer said. Infosys will operate a data center in nearby Franklin. Though 83 of the displaced workers are in Milwaukee, other sites are affected as well. Three of eight IT positions at Harley's Kansas City manufacturing plant are being eliminated. Meanwhile, the motorcycle maker is creating 68 new IT positions in service delivery management. Related Links