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Consultants involved in implementing healthcare IT solutions are generally happier with their work than their full-time counterparts, according to a survey by Atlanta-based staffing firm Healthcare IT Leaders. More than three quarters—77 percent—of the consultants said they were either "very satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied" with their jobs, the survey found. That compares to 64 percent of full-time healthcare IT employees. To put the numbers in context, other surveys have found that 72 percent of workers across all industries report similar levels of job satisfaction. Click here to find healthcare IT jobs. Healthcare organizations continue to face a growing need for tech professionals. Between 2010 and 2020, the University of Illinois at Chicago predicts a 21 percent increase in health IT jobs. Some 50,000 jobs in healthcare informatics alone will need to be filled within the next five to seven years. Last year the professional services firm Towers Watson found that 67 percent of healthcare providers faced difficulties finding experienced technology professionals, and 38 percent had retention issues. The challenge was particularly acute when it came to hiring professionals certified with Epic, the leading EHR platform: 73 percent of healthcare providers couldn’t find the people they needed with those credentials. In particular, consultants were happier about money: Forty percent were "very satisfied" with their current pay, compared to 18 percent of full-timers. Still, "better compensation" was the top reason both would consider changing jobs. Only 10 percent of healthcare IT workers overall were completely satisfied with their present job, meaning the great majority are open to changing positions if the right opportunity comes along. The company surveyed 466 healthcare IT professionals to compile the report.

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