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Sometimes, conversations with recruiters make it feel like you're speaking English and they're speaking French. Frustrating as that might be, it doesn't mean the conversation's going nowhere. You just have to take control and translate. Translate what? Your skills and background into the context of the job requirement. If you approach the topic thoughtfully you can demonstrate why you're the answer to the interviewer's problem, even if he can't glance at your resume and check off the skills he wants one by one. Exactly how you go about that was the topic of our panel discussion, “Helping the Recruiter Connect the Dots: Translating What You Do into What They Need.”  We looked at how to address skills gaps in an interview, assess your qualifications, and decide whether the job is right for you in the first place. Our panel included:
  • John Sumser: The noted editor of the online newsletter HR Examiner
  • Dawn Rasmussen: President, Pathfinder Writing & Career Services
  • Justin Hall: Former recruiter, startup expert and blogger
  • John Estes – Robert Half Technology
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