Hewlett-Packard CEO, Leo Apotheker recently announced the computer giant's strategy for growth. In a presentation to investors, Apotheker outlined broad plans that would transform the hardware giant into a software giant. It wants to: Develop an Apple-style app store where H.P. and other companies can make their online services available for download. Though 32 percent of their business comes from selling PCs, this profit margin is far lower than selling software. Currently Dice lists 26 developer positions for HP. It is looking for C#, Java, .Net, and Windows application developers who need to know packaging/integration tools such as InstallShield Admin Studio. HP also is looking for those skilled in security software and business analytics. Both of these sectors are still in their infancy, especially in the mobile market. The company is also looking to expand into the cloud. Though far down on anyone's list for cloud services Apotheker believes there is room for more players. "We are not playing catch-up to anyone, particularly I.B.M." HP can leverage its relationship with customers who know them for servers and services such as cloud computing and analytics. Financing for H.P.'s lab is expected to increase faster than the company's overall growth in revenue this year. In other words, the era of cutting costs even at the expense of research and development programs is over. So for Techs who think of Hewlett Packard as solely a hardware-centric computer company, think again. There are plenty of opportunities to be on the ground floor of some well-funded initiatives. --Dino Londis