Main image of article Hey, Look Who's Back -- Clippy!
Clippy has returned, back to his renovated home at Microsoft Office. Fear not though. After years of rehabilitation, Clippy is a very different paper clip -- quiet and well behaved. He's been stripped of the "Office Assistant" title, assuming a new role as an ambassador of Ribbon Hero 2. It's another attempt by Microsoft to familiarize users with its Office products -- Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This time around, instead of annoying users with "tips," Microsoft makes it a game. The game is basically all about completing challenges and collecting points. Challenges can be completed by performing tasks in Microsoft Office, such as adjusting margins and changing document orientation in Microsoft Word. If you have no idea how to perform a task, there are hints to help you, but looking at them will deduct your bonus points. I mean, if you care, that is. It's a great way to con yourself into learning Microsoft Office inside and out, all in the name of "gaming". But it sure is boring as hell. Ribbon Hero 2 works only on Windows XP, Vista or 7 -- and Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010. Source: The Atlantic